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The Project : Recycle, Reuse, Repurpose, RETHINK was initiated in 2014 by Athena Bentila, designer of MuMu organic. Through this project she is designing several different outfits made of recycled materials. The purpose of this project is to show that everything can be recycled, reused and re purposed if only we can RETHINK.! It aims to show that we can create beautiful and wearable outfits made of recycled materials, which can take a new life and create something exceptional and most important : to show that nothing is useless after completing it’s life circle and the purpose it was initially made for, but on the contrary, it can be used again and exist as something new!


This unique dress, called “Recycled Labels Dress” and it is a beautiful, feminine and sexy strapless dress with uneven full skirt. What makes it so exceptional is the use of the extraordinary materials as well as the love that was put in making it. The fabric used for the inner body is 100% organic cotton, certified with GOTS, in natural beige color. On the outer body of the dress there have been applied many different and colorful recycled woven labels including some of MuMu organic’s labels. When the designer came across a bag full of different woven labels in many colors she was inspired to create this dress by applying them on it instead of having them thrown away.

Recycled Labels Dress